Cursor Software Limited Monday 28 September 2020
Pricing details
Our professional consultancy rates range from only £50 ($64) per hour, as shown in the following schedule.
Hours Price Conversion
1 £80 $102
10 £70 $89
20 £60 $76
30 £50 $64

Approximate price conversion into 

All service charges will be billed in British Pounds Sterling.   The converted prices (US Dollars) are shown only as a guide, and should not be taken as a fixed quote for service.

Hours paid for over the previous three months will be taken into consideration when calculating the service charge discount.  For instance, a customer booking two hours would be charged £80 ($102) per hour.  If that customer had previously paid for 18 hours during the previous three months then the same service would be charged at the 20-hour rate, which is currently £60 ($76) per hour.

Time worked will be charged against your account balance in quarter-hour increments.  Unused time will expire three months after being ordered.  Payments are not refundable.

All time must be pre-booked in order to be eligible for the discount structure listed above.  Credit, at discount-structure rates, will only be extended to existing customers who have demonstrated their ability to pay.

Our policy is to prioritise currently paid-for business over potential business and business that has only just been booked.  The best way to get the peace of mind offered by professional priority support is to pay a regular monthly or quarterly retainer.  Contact us for details.

Payments can be made using an inter-bank funds transfer or by sending us a cheque.  Cheques must be raised in British Pounds Sterling, drawn from a UK account and made payable to "Cursor Software Limited".  We also have a PayPal account ( which you may use if you prefer.

The prices listed on this page are subject to change without prior notice.  E&OE.

If you have any questions, or would like to book some time, please contact us.